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We at Magemarinestore.com are providing you Frequently Ask Questions about jack plate, tilt trim & wakeboard tower for your convenience. All questions are from customer's email that we receive every day.


1. I had an older 175 hp with a 25 inch lower unit. I got a great deal on a 200 hp but it has a 20 inch lower unit, would I be able to use one of your jack plates to lower the motor with the 20 inch lower unit to sit were the 25 inch lower unit sat before. Thanks Dave.

2. Hi I have a 95 glastron 16' bow rider with a 88hp Johnson outboard.. - my issue is I have to run the motor adjustment all the way in and the trim all the way down ( currently has a hydrofoil which I want to remove- have had numerous people tell me they cost performance) in order to keep the bow down enough so doesn't porpoise ...this can't be right! Tried an Apollo s/s 13 1/4 x 17 props- no noticeable improvement... would a jack plate help in my case or just make things worse? have had some one tell me on my boat I would lose performance, asked another person in this field- told me a jack plate wouldn't help me ( sells them- though gave me no reason why wouldn't) any way to eliminate as a possibility? Measure something perhaps? Need new control cables? Just want to be sure this would help/ notice it as probably end up having to pay someone to install for starters. Any other suggestions?

3. I'm looking to put a jack plate on my 18ft jon boat and set my 2004 Mercury 50hp back 5 1/2". If you have something I might be able to use.

4. I currently have stock 1997 Seadoo Speedster Jet boat, not sure of the measurements. I do know it’s a 14foot boat. Will your Universal Wakeboard and Ski Tower fit my boat?

5. Product description has included with the Tower: 4 independent board racks and all around navigational lights. Correct? Universal Wakeboard and Ski Tower

6. Will I be able to pull a skier or wake boarder with your tower? I have found some Towers are only for housing board racks, lights and other accessories HOWERVER, not for towing. Universal Wakeboard and Ski Tower

7. I was looking at the CMC breakaway unit and it notes that it is only good at 5 mph. I currently bought a new boat with power trim and looking for added protection should I hit something in the river where we fish. 90 to 95% of the time we are travelling 5 mph or less when we encounter a log, however there are a few times a year when we are running from pole to pole, when we are travelling at faster speeds and may catch a log. Is this going to be a major problem with this unit? I would much rather spend $300 and blow out a spring then replace my whole lower unit. If you could better explain the 5 mph phrase it would be greatly appreciated.

8. I was looking at your product and curious to know I have a Suzuki 140h and it was close to 200 kilos would your product be able to handle that?

9. I was asked if there were any parts for your hydraulic pump motor, such as brushes.

10. I’ve got an Evinrude 250 HO outboard motor, would your CMC PL65 Hydraulic jack plate is sufficient for my motor? What is the weight of the jack plate?

11. I would like to order your 4 inch set back engine bracket #CMC40012, I would like to ask some questions, how high on the transom do you mount the brackets? How do you adjust the height on this unit?

12. I am installing a 70 HP Johnson military surplus motor on my boat. The Johnson is long rig and my transom is designed for short rig. Does CMC have a solution for this issue? My marina guy says that it doesn’t matter much when you are using a long rig motor on a short rig boat, but I wonder if there is a solution basis the PT130.

13. I have a 1991 175 Pro Bass Tracker. It currently has a 1991 Mercury 50HP, 20" shaft, outboard prop motor. I want to put a 2004 Mercury 115HP, 20" shaft motor with a jet unit onto the back of my boat. If I buy your 5" Vertical Extension Plate50012 will it have the proper mounting holes to mount to my transom and will it have the proper mounting holes for the motor so the jet unit is positioned for maximum efficiency. Please explain or call me.

14. **New** PL-65 10" Set-Back High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate #61302
Will this jack plate handle a 200hp motor?

15. Several members of the Bass Boat Central forum page are recommending your company to me... I am looking for an 8 inch setback manual jack plate. Would you have this new or used? No certain brand. NO HYDRO.....

16. I'm interested in a manual jack plate 65012. Can you please send me more technical specifications and an offer? I have an Suzuki DF70 (made 2008) engine, of 165Kg, does it fits?

17. I would like to enquire about a wiring harness for a PT-130 hydraulic trim tilt motor. Could you tell me what comes with the wiring harness, the part # and the price for it.

18. I have a question regarding the CMC PT-130 Power trim and tilt. Does this come with the wiring harness, circuit breaker, relays, and anything else to wire it up?


20. I had a customer call me today and ask about a jackplate that is almost 10 years old. It is blowing a 30 amp fuse that is inline. His question is can he replace that fuse with a 7186 circuit breaker and still operate the jack plate safely?

21. I have a 150 Mercy 20 inch shaft motor. I want to mount it on a 17’-6” Hydra-Sport CC that requires a 25 inch long shaft motor. Can I use the manual jack Plate 65012 to fix this problem?

22. Will it require a different steering cable or will the plate offset allow the steering cable to drop below the transom? I am just trying to picture how the motor can drop below the transom with it’s current configuration. Do you have any pictures to show how this will work?

23. I have a small lightweight aluminum boat, 14 ft. and only 70kg, with a 15hp Yamaha 4-stroke engine with a long shaft. To long unfortunately..., the water drops in at full speed and the boat is bouncing on flat water. I have also a small 4hp Yamaha with short shaft, and I would like to be able to use them both on the same boat. Can the CMC PL-65 Manual Jack Plate lift the 15hp engine 5'' above normal height, and do the trick? Or will the extra weight on the back be too much?

24. My motor is a 2005 225 Mercury Optimax 30 inch shaft and it weighs 540 lbs. Mounted on the transom of a 232 Mako. Is 61012 fit my motor?

25. I have a question regarding your jack plates CMC#61012 and CMC#65012. My question is I have a Jon boat with a 40 hp motor and I was wondering if the 5.5" set back would be better of the 10" set back and what are the advantages.

26. Hi, I have a shark cat 24 foot fibreglass new 200 hp Mercury optimax V6 motors. Where the motors fit on the transom, I can’t get the legs out of the water far enough. As they come up, they hit the side of the boat. Starboard motor touches the starboard side of the boat, and the port goes the same on the port side with your adjustable plates. If I come out approx 3-4 inches I should be able to get the legs out of the water further. My question, will your plate do this job, with a 200HP latest model Mercury Optimax V6 motor. Width and weight. 

27. I have a 1988 bass master bomber with a 1988 50 hp motor looking for tilt trim Will PT-130 work for me?

28. 1. I have a motor that I need to lower by @ 3". It does not sit down far enough, because when I turn at high speeds the motor cavitate. Is there a jack plate that is made to lower (manually or hydraulically)? I have a 1977 115 HP Johnson and I don't really want to cut off the tops of the motor mounts. 2. Can I take a jack plate, mount it lower on the transom to compensate for the lowering problem, and then just raise it as necessary? 


I had an older...
1. If you don't want to tilt your motor you could purchase the 90012 9" static set-back plate. The unit would set the motor back from the transom 9" and taper down 5-3/4". You would be able to tilt your motor some, but not all of the way. When you want to come down with a motor, you will have this problem unless you set your motor back 20-26 inches.

Hi I have a 95 glastron..
2. I can't promise a jack plate will fix your problem. You either have a defect in the of the keel of your boat, not enough power from your engine or a prop causing this. Setting your motor further aft could add to the problem. Sometimes a 4-blade prop could help. I would suggest checking with a prop specialist.

If he wants to raise...
3. If he wants to raise and lower under power, he will need the PL-65 hydraulic Power-Lift. If he wants to raise and leave in one spot either the 65012 or 55012 will work. All of these are 5.5" set-back.

I currently have stock 1997...
4. It should fit. If neccessary, the tubing can be cut to fit narrow boats.

Product description has included...
5. The Typhoon Tower is designed to tow skiers or wake boarders.

Will I be able to pull a skier or wake...
6. Correct.

I was looking at the CMC breakaway unit...
7. The BA-130 Breakaway unit will kick up at any speed. We just don't recommend hitting an object faster than 5 MPH.

I was looking at your product...
8. The 65012 is rated for any V-6 300 H.P. and smaller motor. So, yes it will very easily to handle the 140 H.P

I was asked if there were any parts...
9. The actuator (tilt motor) is sold as a complete unit. No parts available.

I’ve got an Evinrude 250 HO outboard motor...
10. Yes, the PL-65 would be the correct unit. The PL-65 will weigh 45 lbs on the boat.

I would like to order your 4 inch...
11. The 40012 has 3-sets of mounting holes on the transom side of the unit so you will have 1-1/2" of adjustment up or down at the transom. Generally the top of the transom side would be mounted even with the top of the transom of the boat. Once all is mounted you have 5" of adjustment up. Unlike the 65012 that as an adjustment screw in the middle, the 40012 does not. Therefore, you must use a jack or a hoist to adjust up or down. Then tight the 4-bolts on the sides to hold the adjustment.

I am installing a 70 HP Johnson...
12. Some people with the same application as you have purchased the 13002 PT-130 w/o gauge and the 50012 5" vert. ext. The PT-130 would mount against the transom and the 50012 would mount on the motor side of the PT-130. When you mount the motor to the 50012, your motor would be 5" higher.

I have a 1991 175 Pro Bass Tracker...
13. Yes the 50012 ' vertical extension will have the standard BIA hole pattern which will be the same as the Merc 115 HP. These holes are pre-drilled to mount to the transom and this same hole pattern 5" higher for your motor to be mounted.

14. **New** PL-65 10" Set-Back High Speed...
Yes. It is rated for any V-6 300 H.P. and smaller motors.

Several members of the Bass Boat Central...
15. You need to combine 5 1/2 inches manual jack plate to give a total of 8 inches of setback of jack plate. We only sell new items.

I'm interested in a manual jack plate.. 
16. Yes the 70 H.P. motor will fit on the 65012. It will bolt up without drilling holes.

For technical information please go to CMC web site at www.cook-mfg.com. You can print out the catalog by going to the home page and at the top click on "SERVICE CENTER" then "DOWNLOADS" and on the left side click on "PRODUCT CATALOG". Also on the right side of that page you will see Owner's Manuals. You can click on the PL-65 Owner's Manual for more information.

I would like to enquire about a.. 
17. The wiring harness comes complete including the harness, relays, switch and cover plate for the dash. (everything in the photo except the bolts) You can see it here:http://magemarinestore.com/cmcjaplandti.html

I have a question regarding the..
18. It will come with everything you will need, full of fluid, tested and ready for operation. It includes the wire assembly (with relays circuit breaker and fuse), switch, motor mounting bolts and owner's manual. If your motor has clamps that tighten inside of the splash well, you will need to also purchase the 13022 transom clamp adapter.

19. The PT-35 does not require the 13022 transom clamp adapter. Only the PT-130. To see if the motor you have will fit on the PT-35, we need the outside to outside measurement of the clamp feet and any bolts that would mount the motor through the transom including the head of the bolts. If those measurements are 11" or less, it will fit. If wider than 11", you would need to go with the PT-130 with the 13022 transom clamp adapter.

I had a customer call me today...
20. If he is using a 30 amp fuse, it will blow that about as soon as he hits the switch. He needs a 50 amp fuse or our 7186 circuit breaker to fix his problem.

I have a 150 Mercy 20 inch...
21. Yes, the ML-65 will help you to lower the mounting location of your motor by 5 inches.

Will it require a different steering cable...
22. If he has any slack at all in his steering cable he should have enough to accommodate the 5.5" set-back. However, if the cable is extremely tight, he may have to get longer ones. Most people that install the Power-Lifts do not have to get longer cables. I would say that 5-10% do have to get longer cables.

I have a small lightweight aluminum boat...
23. If weight is a concern, I would recommend part # 40012 4" 2-pc Manual. It will weight only 20 lbs on the boat.

My motor is a 2005 225 Mercury Optimax...
24. Yes. That motor will fit on the 61012.

The 5.5" would be best for...
25. The 5.5" would be best for a Jon boat. The 10" cause too much bow lift. The 10" unit is best when it mounted to a boat that is very bow heavy. I would say your Jon boat is not bow heavy.

Hi, I have a shark cat 24 foot fibreglass new 200 hp Mercury...
26. The jack plates are available in a 5.5" set-back and 10" set-back, meaning the motor would be set back away from the transom 5.5" or 10" depending on which unit you chose to purchase. These are available in manually adjustable where your raise or lower via a screw with a wrench or electric hydraulic where you raise or lower via a switch.

I have a 1988 bass master bomber...
27. The PT-130 would be the one. If the motor has clamps, he would also need the transom clamp adapter (13022).

1. I have a motor that I need to lower by @ 3"....
28. The 70012 tapers down 3.5". It will set the motor back 7". 
When you are coming down with a motor, you will not be able to tilt the motor all of the way w/o interference with the transom unless the motor is set-back 20-26 inches.