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CMC Hydraulic Tilt Trim Units

90 Degrees of Electric Tilt and Trim!

MARINE ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC TILT TRIM UNIT You Get Tilt Trim, Better Boat Handling, More Speed, Lower Fuel Consumption, And No More Back Strain!

Transom Tilt Trim Unit for outboard motor feature the most constant and powerful actuator available!

Hydraulic Tilt Trim Unit Features:

  • CMC hydraulic Tilt Trim Units feature PT-130 with or without gauge & PT-35 with the most durable and powerful actuator available!
  • Actuated with a totally waterproof electric hydraulic system that provides over 7800 pounds of thrust, which is more than 40% more powerful than other brands.
  • Durability is also enhanced because it is made of 100% non-ferrous materials, which help reduce corrosion in both salt water and fresh water.
  • Unlike the competition, the CMC hydraulic system is completely sealed and submersible to prevent any worry or water damage.
  • As you are operating your Tilt Trim, it will allow you to change the angle of your engine to achieve the highest performance for your load and water condition. As a result, you can receive a more stable ride, increased top end speed, and get more prop clearance resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  • You only need to press the switch to raise the boat motor. In addition, your safety is enhanced and you don't have to worry about serious back strain as a result of manually lifting your engine.
  • The power tilt and trim system that swings the engine around a pivot point on the mounting bracket, flats boat operators find it useful to be able to move the engine mounting bracket itself up and down on the transom.
  • Get this item for your convenience.